There are tools for Twitter that not only offer the possibility to delete "Tuits", but you can also program deleting messages once the time specified by the user.

Computer security experts have stressed the importance of controlling the digital identity to keep it intact, but there are companies specializing in erasing the fingerprint. At the user level, there are several ways to control what you publish on this platform, which has about three hundred million followers worldwide.

Una opción es darse de baja de la plataforma y borrar el perfil para empezar de cero procurando aplicar el sentido común a los mensajes que escribimos. Pero no hace falta llegar a ese extremo, ya que disponemos de herramientas para borrar “tuits” sin la necesidad de borrar la cuenta. Una de ellas es Twitter Spirit, capaz de eliminar hasta 3.200 mensajes de una vez. Se trata de una aplicación de terceros con lo cual hay que autorizarlo con el perfil personal. También da la opción programar el tiempo que uno desea que los mensajes se borren, ya sea una semana, un mes o un año.

Another tool is TweetDeleter that offers the possibility to delete groups of messages with one click. It has two plans, one that offers a free basic service (search and delete messages hundred "tweets" per day); and a fee of 13.99 euros per month that eliminates an hour or filter "tweets" and "retweets" by keyword.

Another option is DeleteAllMyTweets, can quickly delete all messages (up to a thousand messages), as Twitwipe.

For its part, the draft Tweeteraser (available in several languages, including Spanish) offers a simple tool based on a web client, to use, which helps users to filter by text and "hashtag" to eliminate " tweets "quickly.

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