"Edge" the new Microsoft browser

Microsoft confirmed the final name of its new browser: Edge, which will integrate Cortana and allowed to take notes.

Microsoft has confirmed the new name for your browser Edge I will come installed by default in the operating system Windows 10Both PC and mobile or tablets and will replace the historical Internet Explorer.

During the inaugural conference Build 2015, The US company said Microsoft Edge It will be "faster and useful" than Internet Explorer used over the past two decades. This new browser, It has been developed from scratch, Allow you to create tabs and one of its main features is the possibility of create notes and make cuts from touchscreens.

A detail too reminiscent of Google Chrome: the navigation bar serves both to type the URL (web address) to make searches. Also to know what the weather is or how much the action of a listed company. It can also be used via voice, because Edge integra a CortanaThe voice assistant Microsoft, equivalent to Siri, Apple, or Google Now.

The new logo is blue letter e although somewhat more stylized, too reminiscent of the controversial Internet Explorer and not only aesthetic, but also in operation, although the removing edges Wins content. I also know reduces the number of buttons.

For now, the only option to try the new browser passes using an experimental version of Windows 10. Explorer was the standard in the first generation of browsers, after the arrival of Netscape.

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